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Mateus Rosé Sparkling Demi Sec 750ml - Wines N Drinks

Mateus Rosé Sparkling Demi Sec 750ml | Pink Wine

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Mateus Sparkling Demi Sec Rosé has a beautiful, pale, rose petal pink colour, with light hues of salmon. The copious bubbles are extremely fine and the resulting delicate mousse, persistent. Refined and crisp with floral nuances, this wine has pleasing aromas of apples, pears and raspberries and subtle notes of toasted bread which interplay with a fresh and lively acidity, providing an aromatic and delicate finish.

Mateus Sparkling Demi Sec Rosé goes well with:
- Summer salads
- Salads (savoury, sweet-sauer)
- Brunch (eggs, sandwiches)
- Pizza, flatbreads
- Cheese (semi-hard, salty)
- Finger food, canapés
- Poultry
- Grilled, BBQ , spicy, piquant foods
- Fruits & bowls
- Marshmallows
- Pancakes
- Dessert