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Guiness Draught Can 440ml.

Guiness Draught Can 440ml

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The sweetness of the malt perfectly balances the bitterness of the hops which are both beautifully complimented by the characteristic flavour of our Guinness roasted barley.

Tilt the glass at 45 degrees, pour slowly, let the surge settle and enjoy. Serve extra cold.
Guinness brewers were the first to introduce the combination of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to draught beer. The result was Guinness Draught, famous for its smooth velvety texture and unique surge and settle.

Beer drinkers who are looking for a quality beer from a trusted brand.

Alc Vol 4.2%


best before 9/26/22

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Thank goodness my Guinness

Awesome! One of the few places to stock Guinness Draught. Will keep buying as long as it's in their inventory. Fuck Guinness Extra Foreign Stout! Thanks again!

Norman Pua
Favorite beer!

Good thing I found you guys. Couldnt find this in my local supermarket.


Janelle Tan
Guiness at last

Its my hubby’s favorite beer but its really hard to find it in stores. Good thing you have it! Hope you wont run out of stocks. 😊